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About David Shephard

I am the Tiny House instigator. Co-Founder of Greenmoxie and an obsessive entrepreneur, with interests in sustainability, the great outdoors, motorcycles, and carpentry.

Tiny House Gets A Little More Glam

Well Ian has made a tremendous amount of progress. The exterior sheathing is now installed, along with the trim and soffits. We had to leave the soffit open on the loft roof so we can wire up the solar panels. The interior as you can see has some new features. Check it out...

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Testing the lighting in our tiny house

GM Tiny House Interior Lighting

The Greenmoxie tiny house is very close to being complete. The electrics in our tiny house operate entirely (mostly) on DC power. So we installed low voltage LED lights throughout the house, which were pretty expensive, even with the government incentives.

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How to properly insulate a tiny house

Interior shot of spray foam

Spray-in-place polyurethane is the only commonly used solid insulation that absolutely protects itself from air infiltration. When it is properly placed between two studs or against a concrete block wall or wherever...

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Installing the Metal Roof on our Tiny House

The Metal Roof completed

Today, Ian and I installed the metal roof on our tiny house project. Before the panels were lifted up to the roof, I measured and marked the fastening points every 24" with a black sharpie. I then rolled up the material and used some construction tape...

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