The Metal Roof completed

Installing the Metal Roof on our Tiny House

On Sunday, Ian and I installed the metal roof on our tiny house project. Until now, our build had been taking place in a nissen hut, but now it will be sealed. Before the panels were lifted up to the roof, I measured and marked the fastening points every 24″ with a black sharpie. I then rolled up the material and used some construction tape to keep it rolled while I heaved it up to the roof. It’s important to roll the material with the outward surface inward as to avoid kinking or damaging the material (and the material naturally rolls this way anyway).

Once the material is on the roof it’s a matter of lining up one edge flush and then overlap the material as you make your way across the roof.

A metal roof is expensive ($600) relative to shingles ($150) however, there are a few good reasons to go with metal:

  1. Metal lasts longer
  2. The grooves naturally direct the rain water, which we plan to capture and treat for potable water.
  3. A tiny house sometimes has to be moved, and shingles would easily fly off on the highway.
  4. The material comes in 30ft lengths and is super easy to install (3 sheets for each roof)
  5. And I think it looks pretty slick!
Measuring the metal roof panels

Marking the anchor points using a sharpie permanent marker


Ian installing the roof panels following the indicators every 24″


3/4 view of our tiny house, you can see that we need to trim the overhang material


I an on the roof and my dog Kobe posing


Another view of the dynamic shape of the roof

The Metal Roof completed

Here’s the metal roof fully installed.


I am the Tiny House instigator. Co-Founder of Greenmoxie and an obsessive entrepreneur, with interests in sustainability, the great outdoors, motorcycles, and carpentry.

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3 thoughts on “Installing the Metal Roof on our Tiny House

  1. Ivy Baker

    Wow, this tiny houses tin roof looks really awesome. It gives it a modern feel and which could be a fun design choice for a little home. Personally, I would want to know if having a metal roof means that the roof its self will last longer.

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