Luxury Camping Tents: Experience Camping in Comfort

You love spending time with friends, having drinks on the terrace in a comfy, relaxing atmosphere? Of course you do, who doesn’t? But what do you do when someone has the idea of going on a camping trip?

Camping is not for everyone and even a few days outdoors, with just a tarp over your head may seem unbearable. But you shouldn’t say no right away. You may be pulled out of your comfort zone, but there is a way.

Mother Nature does demand simplicity and basic living but, for city dwellers, who like to get a breath of fresh air, outdoor camping was completely redesigned. Nowadays, you can still have comfort while sleeping under the stars with the latest luxury camping tents on the market.

 What are luxury camping tents?

For some people, the concept of living in a deluxe living space while out in the woods is quite new. It seems impossible to even think to be self-indulgent while you rest in damp campgrounds – with ants, mites, and caterpillars crawling in your bedside. Out in the wilderness, you don’t have the comforts of a bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. Fortunately, there’s a recent trend that brings in the majority of the comforts of home, while still camping outdoors – whereas you relax to feel the cool forest breeze and hear the songs of birds.

Living in luxury camping tents has been referred to as glamorous camping, or simply glamping. The new idea started with people who are used to city comforts, but would want to experience hiking, camping, and outdoor adventures. Even more, glamping is so popular that there are several options. For instance, you can purchase specially made luxury tents in the market, or rent commercial glamour camping tents in places near nature.

 Why you need such a special tent?

Everyone, well most of us, needs a break from the stress of the daily grind in the city. The demands of work in the office, studies, family, spouse, or children – can take a toll on the mind and body. Going for a backpacking trip in nature and camping in the wilderness helps in a way to push the reset button, clearing away caches of concerns, troubles, and worries.

However, if you don’t feel comfortable sleeping in a regular tent, and you don’t do this very often, glamping may actually be the thing for you. You can even think of this as a superior method of camping! A luxury tent will offer a good resting area, delightful kitchen, and quite often, a nice bathroom – living spaces where you will immediately feel comfortable. Once you decide to step out of the tent, you can proceed with the outdoor activities you have in mind like hiking, hunting, or rock climbing.

 How to find such an amazing tent?

Whether you decide to buy and set up your own luxury tent or just rent in a glamping resort, you should find the tent that meets your needs. For this, there are several factors to consider, but you should remember that you’re not looking for a deluxe 5-star hotel category room type.  You’re just looking for a comfortable accommodation that can help you adjust to living in the wilderness for a few days.

To make things easier, we put together a list with the most important factors to look for in setting up a camping luxury tent:

  •  Comfort – Glamping tents are quite different from regular camping tents. The tents are larger, with significant areas for sleeping, cooking, or just hanging out. The luxury tents usually have a high-quality mattress, mobile kitchen, sitting area – with notable high-quality poles and resistant canopies. If you’re going to rent, there would most likely be a nice bathroom, electricity and water supply.
  •  Ventilation – Consider the height: I don’t think you like the idea of crawling on your knees to enter the tent. Look for a tent that has the option to open up window screens in case the weather is hot, as well as to close up the tent if it rains.
  •  Place in nature – Where would you like to camp out? Since you’ve decided to live outdoors, you should already have an idea on where you would like to sleep or what activity you would like to do. You can set up luxury camping tents near Eco-parks, rainforest, rice fields, beaches, deserts, countryside, farm, mountain, barns, lake, river or even on a Safari. Tents’ structure vary according to the places where they are built, usually taking into account the weather, wildlife, natural environment and camping policies of the state or country.
  •  Designs and materials – Tents can have different designs so, you can get: a dome, a tepee, a pod, a cube, a hut, or a cottage.  A luxury camping tent can sometimes be a yurt, which is actually a fusion of a regular tent and a typical house. Also, such tents are created with modern framing and foundations, using materials like wood, metal, or Plexiglas. The walls and roof can be made of tarpaulin or canvas.
  •  Accessory options – The deluxe tents you can find may have options for other accessories such as solar panels, electricity, fireplace, framed gazebos, plumbing, or water supply. As the term of luxury camping suggests, several tent companies offer brands, products or commercial accommodations that meet the needs of certain markets like romantic couples on a honeymoon, family with children, group of friends, or single people.
  • You can check the good range of luxury instant camping tents at topreviewsadvisor.

 Would you go for a luxury camping tent?

By now, you should already have a good idea of what luxury camping tents are. So, what do you think? Does this look like something you would like to try? Before you answer our question, you should keep in mind that these tents are heavy and can’t be carried around in your backpack. Extra comfort comes with extra weight!



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