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Make your own Eye Shadow… It’s SO Easy!

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DIY Green: Ditch the chemical crap and get some beauty alchemy brewing in your kitchen

Those sexy smokey eyes are alluring, but experts say eye shadows are the worst offenders when it comes to harmful chemical additives. The skin around the eyes is sensitive and, as you get older, you become more susceptible to skin irritations from eye shadows. Now you can have your eye shadow and eat it too with our super easy DIY green eye shadow recipes.

Dr Donald Grant, who conducted a study on dermatitis: ‘Unfortunately I do see an awful lot of women who have eczema or inflammation on their eyelids and nowhere else. The tissue around the eyes dries out as you get older.”

Now you can still look lovely and give your makeup bag the boot. With our completely natural eye shadow choices, you don’t have to choose between beauty and health. Couple it with Perricone cleansers and exfoliators and your face will become a silky-smooth canvas with which to showcase your beautiful eyes.

What you need:

  • arrowroot
  • spirulina for green
  • activated charcoal for black/gray
  • cocoa powder for brown
  • beet powder for pink
  • nutmeg for golden brown

Start with ½ tsp. of arrowroot powder and slowly mix in as much of the color as you like. You can add more arrowroot if it gets to be too dark.

* If you want more of a creamy eye shadow, mix 1/8 tsp. shea butter in to your powder. This also helps to prevent the eye shadow from coming off.

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