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Off-Grid 3D-Printed Tiny Home is Better than Christmas Morning

Meet modulOne, an off-grid, solar-powered 3D-printed prefabricated home which is the brainchild of Ukrainian company, PassivDom. The tiny house is self-sufficient and doesn’t need a hookup to power or plumbing thanks to its water-storage system and solar panels.

This mighty tiny house is made with a carbon-and-fiberglass frame which insulates as well as brick and is six times as strong as steel. Don’t be fooled by all that glass – the design team made sure that the glass insulates as well as a wall system, so you won’t lose valuable heat in the winter or cool air in the summer.

This tiny house is perfect for the technically-minded. That’s because almost every aspect of this tiny house can be controlled from a smart phone, down to HVAC and micro-climate (humidity and oxygen saturation) systems.

According to Designboom, the modulOne tiny house is completely sustainable no matter the weather and “even in arctic conditions.”

Design geeks will also love the simple, open plan layout with gorgeous custom storage areas. The wood-paneled ceilings and floors add to the coziness.

The compact, efficient interiors (which can be purchased furnished and ready for move-in) are simple and open plan, with sleek custom storage and wood-paneled ceilings and floors. Take a look.


Watch the video here:


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