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OnSight Equipment Cycling Gear Review

Cycling backcountry trails or through busy city streets, you need to keep your eye on the ball. That means your bike accessories need to be safe, smart and functional. Space is at a premium on a bike and your gear needs to be strong and multi-functional. We have tested a few brands over the years, and we are excited to be reviewing these cycling storage solutions from OnSight Equipment.

OnSight is a favorite with us because their gear is made from recycled water bottles  or Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). This includes fabric, mesh, buckles, webbing and zippers. We love that they aren’t using new resources to create their products!

Circo Handlebar Duffle

Designed for city travel, this can also double for an off-road adventure. We loved the look of this and Cycling gear reviewmy favorite feature was that you could detach it and use it as a day bag with a shoulder strap. That means you can put valuables in it that you can take with you when you reach your destination.

Things we liked:

  • The shoulder strap is adjustable
  • The bag is weather-proof and will block tire-spray in inclement conditions
  • Made from durable EPO tarpaulin material
  • Fasteners are velcro which mean it can fit just about any bike model and is easy to attach
  • It’s lightweight and portable, but there isn’t much space, so travel light

Editor’s Pick: Formo Small Frame Bag

This was one of our favorite items! It’s perfect for water, snacks, tools and it even fits a wine bottle camping gear reviewperfectly!

Things we liked:

  • Velcro strap means it fits perfectly on any bike and is easy to attach or remove
  • Made from durable EPO Tarpaulin material
  • Flap protects it from inclement weather
  • It fits up under the frame so it’s never in the way

Formo Large Frame Bag

We had a lot of fun seeing what we could fit into this one. We put practical things like raincoats and camping gear reviewumbrellas in it, but also an entire picnic and even a slice of pizza (it’s practically made for it!) It also fits neatly into the frame, but it’s shape means it may not fit your bike. Best to measure before ordering.

Things we liked:

  • Velcro strap makes it easy to attach or remove with multiple straps
  • Made from durable EPO Tarpaulin material
  • Flap protects it from inclement weather
  • It allows you to utilize the full frame for storage and you can get a surprisingly large amount of stuff in there
  • External pockets allow you to store smaller items that you may need in a hurry like a raincoat

Half Nelson 2 Minimalist Bike Pack

This pack got mixed reviews. One of our testers found it to be a little small for city riding, but others camping gear reviewfound it quite practical, especially on long backcountry rides. It’s perfect as a hydration pack for longer journeys for holding your snacks, sunglasses, keys, water and other essentials. Space is limited, but if you plan carefully, this pack can be a real asset.

Things we liked:

  • Perfect for backcountry trails as it’s weather proof, durable and lightweight
  • Padded mesh back panel means it’s really comfortable
  • Cord storage system on the back of the pack holds clothing and protective padding
  • Super comfy shoulder straps make long journeys a breeze
  • Adjustable (or removable) waist and sternum strap
  • Holds 2-3 liter hydration bladder

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