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Prepare Your Holiday Home for the Winter

The summer is done and so is the beach season for the most of the country. People who have beach houses or holiday cottages need to start thinking about prepping them for winter. Hopefully your beach home or weekend cottage is sustainable and turnkey, but if not, be sure to winterize your home to save energy and reduce your carbon footprint.

Performing some simple maintenance is a lot cheaper than repairing something that failed due to poor maintenance, especially if you aren’t going to be around when it happens. Anything from a burst water pipe to a malfunctioning heating system can really put a dent in your home budget if you’re not careful. Preventive maintenance is always better and less expansive than fixing things after they break. According to Own It Detroit, simple things like regular cleaning and safety inspections will help you in the long run.

Get a jump on your annual HVAC maintenance before the rush is on. Regularly maintaining your HVAC system is important if you are going to add to the longevity of your furnace. Replacing filters and furnace maintenance can make your HVAC system run more efficiently which saves you money. You can do your own furnace maintenance with the tutorial here.

Storms and winds tend to pick up significantly during the colder months, that’s why a sound roof is important. In addition to the wind, excessive rainfall can leak through a damaged roof and seriously ruin the inside of the house. If you are not there to notice it, the damage can increase and threaten even the structural integrity of the house.

A simple inspection can check for structural imperfections as well as damaged or rotten materials which need to be changed. Additionally, inspectors should make sure that there’s no leaking.

While on the roof, make sure that all of the gutters are cleaned, because an obstructed gutter can cause flooding on the roof and the attic. This is a simple chore which can prevent a lot of problems.

If your house has a fireplace or a wood-burning furnace, you need to make sure that the chimney is unobstructed and ready to use. A local chimneysweeper should have all the equipment and credentials to ensure that you can use the chimney.

The colder weather is a reason enough to ensure that your insulation is on point. Before you leave your home for the year, make sure that no insulation is damaged or missing. In most cases, you will have to contact a contractor for this job.

Speaking of insulation, caulking your doors and windows can save a lot of energy. You can do this yourself.

If there are trees near your house, make sure that they are sound and won’t fall onto your house during the storm. If necessary, cut the potentially hazardous branches.

These small and relatively inexpensive maintenance tricks can save you a lot of money and ensure that your beach house is in good condition when you return to it next spring.

This is a guest post by Thomas Boyd from San Diego Home Sales.


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