Random Acts of Kindness: Teens who Start Charities

There is an African proverb that says: “If you think you are too small to make a difference, you haven’t spent a night with a mosquito,” and these amazing teens are proof that you are never too young to effect real change. Read, be inspired and go forth and change your world a little today.

Julien Leitner

Julian believes that with just $2, he can change the world. The Archimedes Alliance is asking 1 million people to donate just $2 to a charity of your choice. “It hit me that I might not be able to do something on my own, but there has to be a billion other people like me who want to make a difference but feel they can’t,” said Leitner. “I thought, ‘What if everyone just pooled their resources?'”

Julien has managed to raise over $40,000 through online donations already. He has also given donors the opportunity to select the charity they would most like to support. When his total reaches the $2 million mark, he will donate the money to the charity with the most votes.

Leitner’s charitable concept originated from the Greek mathematician, Archimedes, who said, ‘Give me a lever long enough, and a place to stand, and I can move the Earth.’Leitner believes that asking a lot of people for a little donation is the way to go. Leitner is hoping that his campaign goes viral and that this helps to spread the word.


Cheryl Perera 

Random acts of KindnessThis Toronto teen is the creator of the OneChild organization which supports victims of the international child sex trade. She started the organization when she way just 16 and has raised enough money to build two rehabilitation centers in the Philippines for children who have escaped the sex trade.

Hannah Tailor

Hannah started her first charity when she was just 8. The Ladybug Random acts of KindnessFoundation has raised an incredible $2-million and has helped 54 shelters across Canada. Hannah said: “I honestly believe my generation is a hopeful one. And I believe very strongly in something my friend Steven said to me: ‘Don’t be afraid of homelessness. Be afraid of a society that doesn’t care.’ He was homeless at the time. Now he has a job, and a physical home as well. He’s now 25.”

Bilaal Rajan

BilaalRajan Random acts of KindnessBilaal’s first charity  drive was to raise money for victims of the Gujurat India. Moved by an article he had read in the paper, Bilaal (then 4) asked his dad if he could sell clementines door-to-door and raised $350, for his cause. This inspired him  and he launched several fund-raising drives. There was the HIV/Aids orphan drives for which he raised $1,200 by selling plastic plates and the cookie sale which raised $6,000 for hurricane-devastated Haiti.

To date, Bilaal has raised over $5 million for charitable causes and has been named an official ambassador for UNICEF. He has met Nelson Mandela and Bishop Desmond Tutu.

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