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Refresh Your Home This Spring

As spring arrives (hurray!) after a long, cold winter, what could be nicer than airing the home and giving it an all-over “refresher”? And with the longer days who can resist ‘springing’ into action to ready themselves and their residence for the balmier weather? Here are some ideas to get you going:

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Clean – ok, this entails some elbow grease, but is definitely worth the effort. Give everything a proper cleanse to rid the house of musty smells, dust and cobwebs. Hang out carpets and replace moldy shower curtains. Washing the windows lets in the lovely increased daylight and opening them once finished allows stale air to escape. Use green housework products, as they are better for the environment as well as you and your family’s health. You can also make your own cleaning products to ensure a natural home and save money.

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Declutter – do some sorting and reducing simultaneously to diminish the number of items around you. Less is truly more! Storage areas such as cupboards and closets are a good place to start. We all have far more than we need/use so take your reusable goods to a favourite charity. Your house and your spirits will be lifted by engaging in this task!

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Replace – this involves changing from heavy to less substantial linen and includes bed, bath, table and kitchen. Make sure that before you put them away though, they’re clean and completely dry. Consider too, swapping winter curtains, couch covers and cushions to brighter, lighter more playful, summery hues and patterns.

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Infuse – nothing nicer than having some colour indoors at this time of year. Something living, like spring flowers in a vase (particularly those with a lovely scent!) or a plant in bloom are an inexpensive, eco-friendly and cheerful way to energize a home. A new or re-purposed item, accessory, or piece of artwork can also transform a space from dull to lively.

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At the early age of 12, Peter designed his own bedroom to rave reviews and subsequently cultivated his passion for design. A graduate from the New York School of Interior Design, Peter has lived in Amsterdam, London, New York and more recently in Toronto where he founded Oudejans Interiors in 2010. Greatly influenced by his time abroad, Peter infuses a modern, European flare in his work, making an environment feel enduring, stylish and elegant, while ensuring functionality. He works closely with clients, tailoring their space to reflect their personality and lifestyle. Check out his website at www.oudejansinteriors.com

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