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Sassy and Grassy: Plant-Integrated Furniture for Green Living

Plants reduce stress levels, improve indoor air quality and even lower blood pressure levels. So it seems natural to incorporate plants and furniture to make your home or office a happy place filled easy breathing, destressed occupants with normal blood pressure!

Your indoor air quality can be three to five times worse than the outdoor air thanks to the off-gassing of fire-retardants, adhesives and cleaning products. The building materials and furniture are lousy with chemicals that emit all sorts of Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs) that result in a plethora of health issues and lethargy. (You were right after all – work really is going to kill you!)

Plants to the rescue! In a process called metabolic breakdown, plants effectively absorb chemicals and break them down into harmless substances. Greenmoxie brings you the perfect marriage of functionality and flora in plant-integrated furniture.

greenmoxie grass ottoman

green living with chia ottoman

Do you miss the feel of grass between your toes over the long winter months? You don’t have to with this fuzzy little Ottoman from G.H. Designs. Designer: Nancy Favier.

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green your office with this great room divider

Put some of these amazing dividers up in your home or office to create valuable personal space. (Now you can Facebook without getting spotted by the boss – thank you Mother Nature!)

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green home moss mat

Is your bathroom mat often soggy, bordering on smelly and surely harbouring bacteria? You need a moss mat! These amazing mats actually rely on your post-shower wet feet for their daily drink of water. Plus moss loves growing in damp, dark places and it feels super soft and squishy on your toes. Designer: Nguyen La Chanh


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