Save the Trees! Green Your Holiday Invites and Cards

The holiday season is a wonderful, festive time of year, filled with parties, gifts, and sweets. Did you know that it’s also quite a wasteful time of year? Household trash increases by more than 25% from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day! Luckily, there are many ways we can make a difference and help the Earth without having to feel like the Grinch. 

Here’s where Punchbowl, the gold standard in online invitations, can really save the holidays. The company is urging eco-conscious consumers to consider the environment during this time of year and to #choosedigital for their holiday party invitations and greeting cards. Why? Consider this: an estimated 1.6 billion paper holiday invitations and cards are sent during the holiday season. On January 1st, they will all be discarded. That’s enough paper waste to fill a football field 10 stories high! Punchbowl is dreaming of a green Christmas where holiday hosts reconsider the outdated habit of paper correspondence and opt for an eco-friendly alternative. And going green doesn’t need to be at odds with holiday tradition. Punchbowl just recently launched a state-of-the-art app that helps busy party hosts create and send digital invitations that are a thoughtful, beautiful, and personal alternative to paper. 


The company has gathered information about the environmental impact of paper invitations and cards sent during the Holidays, highlighting the abundance of waste that accumulates from Thanksgiving through Christmas. The infographic below illustrates how the paper industry contributes to deforestation, energy consumption, soil and water pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions – none of which will lead to peace on Earth. 

Punchbowl radition_or_Trash_Infographic_Punchbowl_FINAL (1)

Download the new app from Punchbowl from the App Store or Google Play to create, send, and manage gorgeous, FREE digital party invitations. With the Punchbowl app, holiday hosts can choose invitations that are memorable, personal, and do not contribute to the destructive cycle of holiday waste. As an added bonus, Punchbowl has pledged to donate $1 for every paid membership purchased (memberships unlock premium designs and features), and will make an additional donation when holiday party hosts choose one of these specially-marked online invitations. All donations will go towards reducing wasteful paper production. 

Punchbowl iOS App Screenshots



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