Stage 1: Planning the tiny house

Stage 1: Planning the Tiny House

Now that the initial infatuation with our Tiny House Project has dissipated and it’s starting to feel real, we’ve gotten busy planning. We quickly settled on the size — approx. 8′ × 24′ — and ordered the trailer. Ian took these dimensions and began work on the blueprints.

The Tiny House Trailer and Ian adjusting the plans

That’s Bandit. Our resident ‘four pawed helper’ and companion in times of struggle … oh, and Ian.

Designing the structure digitally is standard practice but having a full scale mock-up has given us a much better appreciation of the finer details. Over the last couple of weekends we’ve laid out the plans with tape on the floor for a full walk through. This exercise has giving us a great appreciation for the amount of space we’re actually working with and offers us the opportunity to ‘shave a few inches’ here, and ‘allow for a bit more room’ there.

Rough Tape layout of the Tiny Home

Laying out the tape to do a walkthrough is like “measuring twice, and cutting once.”

David, Ian & Dan

Building a tiny home is a conscious exercise. The limited space makes you question what is necessary, what we want and what we can do without. Perhaps a life lesson too?

CAD drawings of the tiny home to date

CAD drawings to date. The overall structure won’t change, but we’re still massaging a few of the details.

Learn more about the Greenmoxie tiny house project or follow our progress here.


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4 thoughts on “Stage 1: Planning the Tiny House

  1. Pam

    Love to see the alternate roof design. It is one I am thinking about implementing. My big concern with this design is the location of the vent pipe in the bathroom and the loft windows. Is there some specific distance, height relative to window placement, that will prevent any odors from flowing back into open windows on calm days? I would like to have the windows open but I am afraid that there will be issues with venting.

    1. Nikki Fotheringham

      Hi – we were planning on using a direct side vent for the incinerating toilet. this would mean that the back of the toilet would be against the east facing wall, with a covered vent facing downward, much like a clothes dryer vent cover, we are not sure yet whether odour will be an issue – but will keep you posted post-installation! We are hoping however, that our predominantly north-westerly winds will keep any exhaust away from the structure, as well, the majority of our windows will be on the northern, western and southern facades.

  2. Spencer H

    Following the progress. I really like your idea os making the plan on the floor as it gives you a really good visual as well as you get to see what the space will actually be like. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Tiny house enthusiast

    Really inspired + I really enjoyed your article. Would be lovely if you posted more frequently. Personally, I recently joined the Tiny House Movement and am enjoying every bit of it.

    If fact, my love is so great that i personally built a picture site dedicated to the tiny house movement. You can share all your Tiny house living pics from your building process to plans used, for the benefit of others just joining our movement .. What do you think? I really would love to know.

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