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Study Finds Vegetarians Live 20% Longer

Pic by Bokeh Burger

A massive study by Loma Linda University has found that plant-based diets not only result in a smaller greenhouse gas footprint, but also increases longevity by up to 20%.

Food industries are enormous contributors to greenhouse gas emissions; especially the meat-producing industries. The study not only found that vegetarian diet produced a third less emissions, but also that the mortality rate for meat-eaters was almost 20% higher. 

The study concluded that reducing the consumption of animal-based foods would be an effective tool for climate change mitigation and better public health.

“The takeaway message is that relatively small reductions in the consumption of animal products result in non-trivial environmental benefits and health benefits,” said Sam Soret, associate dean at Loma Linda University School of Public Health and co-author of the studies.

“The study sample is heterogeneous and our data is rich. We analyzed more than 73,000 participants. The level of detail we have on food consumption and health outcomes at the individual level makes these findings unprecedented,” Soret said.

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