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Keep Your Cool the Green Living Way

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Let’s face it, heat saps our energy. With warm summer days upon us, we’re all trying to minimize indoor temperatures in order to maximize performance. Other than blasting the A/C, what can we do to keep cool? Here are some eco-friendly tips on cooling your home (and yourself!) when the heat is oppressive outside.

Appliances and Lighting

Don’t heat your home by leaving anything on unnecessarily:

1. avoid “phantom power” by unplugging electronics when not in use (you can save up to 10% on your utilities bill)
2. don’t use the oven; instead the microwave/stove or grill outside
3 wash only full loads of dishes and clothes
4. minimize activities that use hot devices i.e. curling irons or hair dryers – fortunately the ‘messy’ hair look is in!
5. install efficient ‘colder’ lighting such as LEDs as incandescent bulbs produce mainly heat

Energy efficient

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Ok, if your air conditioner is your BFF during torrid times, five simple considerations:

1. a ceiling fan allows the thermostat to be raised by 4°F with no change in comfort
2. lower blinds to prevent the sun from warming the interior, thereby decreasing A/C consumption
3 avoid placing lamps, TVs or PCs near the A/C thermostat as it senses their heat, causing the unit to run longer than required
4. use a thermostat timer; temporary and intermittent reduction of A/C has little impact on occupants and equates to reduced spending
5. adopt natural ventilation options

green living tips

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Make a difference outside your home too:

1. plant trees near the house to provide shade
2. a ‘green’ roof and high quality insulation help keep things cooler
3. seal cracks and openings to prevent warm air from entering
4. add caulk or weather stripping around doors and windows
5. undertaking these sustainability efforts makes a difference in expenditure and less energy consumption is good for the planet – a win/win situation for sure!

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