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Amazing Off Grid Homes you’d Love to Live In

Solar power has made living off the grid easy and accessible. As solar panel technology boosts efficiency and the cost of panels goes down, more homeowners are opting to create their own, green eco-friendly energy which saves them money and ensures power even in inclement weather. Here are some of our favorite off-grid homes powered by solar panel systems.

 green living home

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The Land Ark is a semi-permanent structure which allows occupants to enjoy areas of natural beauty without compromising their environments. Land Ark is a self-contained home which if off-grid and powered by solar.

 green home net-zero

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Designed by Richard Carbonnier, this tubular arctic cabin on Baffin Island in Nunavut shifts with the permafrost. The rounded design is wind-resistant and is in part made from recycled materials. This off-grid home uses solar panels and wind turbines to produce energy.

green living home

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The Fab Lab house is a solar house which is made from wood. It is lad in efficient, flexible solar cells which power this cute little abode. “We wanted to overcome the idea that a solar house is a traditional house with solar panels on top and a lot of technology inside. Our project is a full solar house, a new generation of building that visitors have come to appreciate.” says the co-director of the project, Neil Gershenfeld.

 off grid net zero

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This Lake Muskoka cottage tree house was constructed with minimum impact to the environment. The 4Tree house, designed by Lukasz Kos, is actually built around the base of a tree and it’s three-storey slatted design allows visitors to be at one with nature.

solar pod tiny home

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The solar pod makes living off grid a cinch – you just transport this mobile rad pad to your desired location and soak in the sun. The solar pod is pretty self-sufficient and energy is generated from its super-efficient solar panels.

green roof home 

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This green roof home combines the insulating properties of a living roof with green energy generated by a solar panel system for a completely net-zero home. This Norwegian home isn’t an unusual sight in Scandinavia where living roofs are used to help insulate homes against the cold winters.

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