Super Fun Outdoor Winter Activities

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Ok, its cold and your propensity for hibernation has led to some serious snuggling, snacking and catching up on what those pesky housewives of Orange County are up to. If you are getting a touch of cabin fever, here’s how to head out and have fun even when its polar-vortex cold!

First up, an old classic with a new twist. Snowball fights are always fun, but if you don’t like getting your gloves wet, just cut a plastic ball in half and use a glue gun to attach it to your gloves for the perfect snowball making machine.

Snowball Gloves

The next suggestion takes some planning. Pop into your local coffee shop and ask them for their used milk and creamer cartons, then fill with water on a particularly cold night and make yourself an ice igloo!

Fun fact: If you use warm or hot water, the ice will be clear. Use cold water for cloudy ice. Add food coloring for colored blocks.


Or if you want more instant results, make a snow fort!

You can blow bubbles and watch them freeze.


Cut a length of string and put one end in a balloon. Fill with water and tie it off. When its frozen, remove the balloon and make ice ornaments for your trees.

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Make a backyard ice rink! Use 2×10 lumber and nails to make a frame just a little smaller than a big tarp. Lay the frame on a flat, even piece of your backyard, lay the tarp over it and tuck the edges of the tarp under the frame (you can also staple the edges to the lumber). Fill the tarp with water and let it freeze over.

DIY ice rink

Turn your yard into a masterpiece with snow paint. Add a little food coloring to water and put it in spray bottles or squirt bottles and have fun!

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Of course there’s always snowman construction, but don’t be constrained by convention; here’s some inspiration for snow people of all shapes and sizes.

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    I always enjoy these kind of activities in winters with kids friends and family but I also make sure to wear all the required clothing before going out for winter fun.

  2. winter gloves

    Its fun to have a time with your friends and family in outdoor winter activities. Everything comes with pros and cons so we have to see what is good in everything.

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