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DIY Green Spring Cleaning Tips

DIY spring clean

We all want to help protect and preserve the planet. After all, earth is our home, and its future is at stake. However, we also want to keep our living spaces clean and sanitary, as well as avoiding harmful toxic products. Here are some awesome DIY green living tips for a healthy spring cleanup.

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30 Easy Ways to be Greener in 2014

eco-friendly alternatives

Living green doesn’t have to be about massive changes that make you miserable or doing without things that you love. In fact, when you live greener, you live an essentially healthier, happier life. Here is a very long list of ways in which you can make small, incremental changes to your life that make a huge impact on the environment. Our 2014 challenge to you is to adopt at least one every month. Two would be better, and three would be just awesome!

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