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Ravishing DIY Beet Lipstick [Recipe]

DIY lipstick beets

We all know how unhealthy makeup is for us and for the poor animals on which it is tested. So make it your own damn self. The bunnies will thank you and your lips will be tantalizingly kissable.

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Best Natural Make-up Review: Lipsticks

organic lipstick review

I love the smell of lipstick in the morning. I was an avid wearer of lipstick until I learned of all the things that went into it. Thankfully we can rely on some organic, natural brands to provide cruelty-free lipsticks that are natural. We recently asked our staff and readers to test a few brands and give us their favorite picks.

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15 Green Money-Saving Tips for your Bathroom

I've managed to cut the costs in my bathroom by over $1000 a year (true story!). By switching out my cleaning products, personal products and cosmetics for DIY natural alternatives, I save money and expose my family to fewer chemicals. Add to that my energy-efficient and water-saving savvy and you get a greener, healthier home.

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