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How to Make a Swedish Log Stove

The Swedish Log Fire is a safe, resilient way to create the ultimate cooking fire. Whether it's a starry, starry night, or your're mired in rain, wind or snow, the Swedish log is going to cook your dinner like a boss! It couldn't be easier to make and it's a real feather in your camping hacks quiver.

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Creative Upcycling Projects for Beginner Sewers

upcycle old clothing

Don't throw out your old linens and clothing. Instead, use them to create wonderful new upcycled clothing, art and pillow covers or teddy bears. Give your old clothing a new lease on life that saves you money and is kind to Mother Nature.

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Great Ways to Upcycle Cardboard Boxes

green living DIY

Pet beds, pinhole cameras and box forts are just some of the creative ways you can upcycle your old moving boxes. While recycling is a good way to reuse cardboard, you can reduce the carbon footprint even more by upcycling it yourself.

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