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Your Guide to Holidays in Britain

British Holiday

Whether you live in Britain and are planning a staycation or if you are planning to make a trip there for a holiday abroad, there are things to know before you take your holiday. First, you should decide on the type of holiday you are interested in. Do you want a city break, an educational holiday, or a country relaxation retreat?

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When Life gives you Lemons…

green living lemons

Today we bring you the wonders of lemon and the million and one things it can do for you. Find recipes for cleaners and other handy uses around your home.

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Green your Christmas Save Fistfuls of Money!

Green living Christmas

The arboreal festive tradition of having a Christmas tree may seem green, but it comes at a high price. The carbon footprint of commercial Christmas tree farming, harvesting, distribution and then disposal is astronomical. But are artificial trees any better? Between their manufacture and import from China, they may not provide a greener alternative.

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