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DIY Seed Bombs for Guerrilla Gardeners

A staple in the green living arsenal, the seed bombs are ready made planting factories just waiting for a friend to toss them in a bit of dirt (then again, who isn’t?) These clever little creations are seeds which have been encapsulated with soil and bound in clay. If you are walking down the street and spy a little crack in the pavement, just toss your seed bomb into any crevice or patch of soil you find. With the first rains, your seed bomb will bloom into a lovely flower, veggie or herb. Here's how to make your own...

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7 Incredible Natural Places to See before you Die

Theses are seven of the most incredible natural places on earth that well deserve a special place on your bucket list. From the Wisteria tunnel in Japan to the pink Lake Hellier in Australia, these breathtaking spectacles are well worth the trip.

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Amazing! Plant Sculptures from Montréal Botanical Gardens

They’re big, beautiful and absolutely breathtaking. The eye-popping horticultural exhibits of the Montréal Botanical Gardens are back! Following a 10-year hiatus, the horticultural art exhibition, the Mosaïcultures Internationales 2013 is on at the Montréal Botanical Garden until September 29.

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How Owls Do with Ze Frank

True facts about the owl With Ze Frank; your trusted source of factual, scientific information about the eating habits of owls.