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DIY “Irish Cream” With Papa Smith for Father’s Day

It’s been a tradition in the Smith household for years — my Dad's famous “Smith Cream.” Very similar to Irish Cream, it eschews the conventional Irish Whiskey for a 100% rye alternative. It is absolutely delicious and a fantastic beverage for those looking to imbibe a tasty treat — and for those not overly concerned about calorie intake.

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Brilliant Outlet for Reclaimed Wood and Recycled Metal Pieces

If you’re a regular reader of GreenMoxie then we’re guessing that you believe, as we do, that it’s important to support local artisans; especially the ones that are mindful of the environment. That’s why we built RedBeardLabs.com. Much like Etsy, we are an online marketplace for handcrafted home goods, art, and mancave items made from reclaimed wood and recycled metal by talented craftsmen.

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DIY Father’s Day Gifts that are the Bomb Diggity

If you like you daily man-tenance regimen to be natural, the best way to ensure you aren’t using nasty chemicals is to make it your own damn self. Here is a great guide to everything you need to keep you looking even more handsome. 100% Manly. 100% Natural.

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