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Campfire Bread in a Can Recipe

You can bake this campfire bread in an empty can or use your camping pot. Baking bread is super easy and breaking bread with friends is the stuff warm and fuzzy memories are made of.

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Green Living Show Giveaway!

The first 3333 Green Living Show attendees each day who live in Toronto will receive a FREE $40 TrickleStar Smart Power Bar from Toronto Hydro. Attendees who bring in e-waste for recycling will receive the upgraded $100 Smart Power Bar plus get free admission!

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Campfire Recipe: Fried Bass with Vinegar Crisps

Backwoods camping and you snagged yourself a nice fish? You can have good old English fish and chips without the fuss of making a batter or needing vats of boiling water. Now all you need for this awesome campfire recipe is a bag of salt and vinegar chips and you're good to go!

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