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Gear Review Onsight Equipment

Gearapalooze gear review for Onsight Equipment clothes bag, RFID women's wallet and metro sling bag. This cool company uses recycled materials from water bottles and follows ethical and sustainable practices. Yup, we love em!

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Winter Gearapalooza Gear Review [Photos]

As you know, our gear reviews aren’t sponsored; we do get a lot of gear and, quite frankly, we test the hell out of it. This year was no exception and we took our gear to Finland where it was subjected to everything from reindeer safaris to dog sledding. Here are the bits and bobs that crack the nod.

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Green Gear Review: Dorcy Flashlights

dorcy 41-0902 ZX review

When it comes to picking out flashlights a few aspects come to find that need to fit the bill in order for me to shell out some cash: environmental impact, build quality, brightness, battery longevity, quality of light, battery type, comfort, flexibility of light/beam and perhaps some extra fun features I am not even aware of.

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