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4 Scientifically-Proven Ways to Be Happy

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You might think that what makes people happy differs greatly from one person to the next, but we are surprisingly homogeneous in our tastes. If you’re not making the most out of every day, here’s some proven ways to motivate more mirth.

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Meditation for Stress Relief

Meditation for Beginners

Stress affects all areas of your life from the bedroom to the boardroom and you need to get back on top of your game. One of the easiest and most effective solutions to stress is meditation.

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Here’s Why You Should Start Meditating Today

The benefits of mindful meditation are legion, and it can make you smarter, healthier and happier. But you don’t have to take my word for it—there are thousands of studies that show the physical and mental benefits of meditation. We'll show you just how much you can benefit and hook you up with some FREE guided meditations.

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