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Natural Black Fly Repellents

Eeep! its black fly season and if those little critters are taking chunks out of you, there are ways to fight back. Traditional chemical repellents don’t do the trick and are full of harmful toxins, but there are some natural ways to beat back those little beasties.

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Best Natural Insect Repellents when you’re Out in the Woods

Insect repellents may be effective, but they contain toxins that could lead to a wealth of adverse health effects. But humans have been battling the bugs since time immemorial and, it turns out, traditional remedies for bugs are safer, cheaper and just as effective as chemical cures.

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DIY Organic Bug Spray Recipe

If you get creeped out about spraying poison that can floor a mosquito all over your skin, all over your kids just before getting it in your mouth by accident, here's a great solution: Natural Homemade Bug Spray. You can make this handy homemade bug spray in no time at all and it keeps indefinitely.

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