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Vegan Dating Sites? It’s a Thing!

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All things vegan are rising in popularity, so it's no surprise that our animal-loving friends are looking for like-minded individuals to love. If you are looking for that special someone who loves animals (and tofu) as much as you do, then here's how to go about making a match.

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Study Finds Vegetarians Live 20% Longer

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Food industries are enormous contributors to greenhouse gas emissions; especially the meat-producing industries. The study not only found that vegetarian diet produced a third less emissions, but also that the mortality rate for meat-eaters was almost 20% higher. 

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Taco Bell’s Beef with “Meat”

Taco Bell has decided that one way in which it will make its food healthier is to stop calling it meat. Instead, the artist formally known as meat will be called ‘protein’ because it sounds healthier. Well played Taco Bell, well played.

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