Best Global Warming websites

Ten Best Global Warming Sites

Are you looking for the facts and figures you need to win that Thanksgiving argument with Uncle Brian? Are you skeptical yourself? No matter your stance, it is important to know the facts when it comes to global warming and climate change. This is the biggest issue that will face not only our generation, but the generations to come.

Here are the ten best global warming websites for getting info, ways to prevent global warming and how to take action to stop climate change.

David Suzuki gives practical advice on how to prevent global warming and take action in your communities. Great global warming info for kids too.

NASA’s amazing multimedia page is a great site for adults and kids who want to know the facts about global warming. The NASA studies are fascinating and provide accurate global warming information as well as practical advice on how to stop global warming.

WWF: The World Wildlife Fund gives practical advice, interesting facts as well as ways in which you can take action to prevent global warming.

Center for Climate and Energy Solutions is a great site for the latest international news on global warming legislation and trends. View the latest studies and reports as well as what the international community are doing to prevent climate change.

WMO The United Nations World Meteorological Organization looks at how climate change affects weather, water and climate. A great source of statistical information.

EPA Global Warming page provides statistics, studies and all the facts about global warming. It also offers helpful and practical advice on how to stop global warming.

Nova offer a great site called What’s up with the Weather? This site looks at the climate change debate and gives a fairly balanced view of all sides of the argument.

Earthtimes is an interesting collection of blogs for the green lifestyle. This site looks at everything from eco friendly fashion to travel for those who wish to follow a low carbon footprint lifestyle.

Skeptical Science: A great site for those who are interested in the scientific data that backs up claims by scientists that global warming is real. If you are looking for facts, figures and a more technical approach to global warming, you’ll find all you need at the Skeptical Science site.

IRI/LDEO Climate Data Library is a fairly academic look at changing weather phenomenon. This is a very technical site, but provides great links to all the latest surveys and studies with accurate information on changing weather pattern worldwide.


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7 thoughts on “Ten Best Global Warming Sites

  1. Brandy Alexander

    Great resource! I have explored these and found them to be really helpful. I love the NASA site most. Its nice to have all these suggestions on hand to reduce my carbon footprint. I also like the action plans in David Suzuki’s page – will be taking time out to follow some of those myself!

  2. Adrinana silva

    Do you have any idea if there is data about global warming information on internet? I`m trying to understand how big is the impact of internet in the global warming issue… how much is it helping to solve it…

    1. Nikki Fotheringham Post author

      Hi Adrinana!
      The internet is a seminal source of information on global warming and has been instrumental in the dissemination and popularization of global warming as a phenomenon. When global warming was first introduced as a concept, most people were skeptical. Through the spread of information on the internet, it has become a widely-held belief and this has encouraged change in both policy and individual behavior. Every researcher differs, but my favorite sources (and my most trusted) include

      National Geographic:

      Global Warming Info:


      Climate Change


  3. mia

    hello, starting a project for school about global warming. and i decided to make a blog about you help suggest some blog names to catch some reader’s attention? (sorry for bad english) Thanks! ^^

    1. Nikki Fotheringham Post author

      I kinda like Mia’s School Blog which is what its already called. Otherwise the Planet Project or the green team!

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