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The World’s Greenest Luxury Hotels

Pic by Hotel Verde

These days travelers expect more from luxury hotels than just high cotton-count sheets and exceptional spa facilities. True comfort and relaxation can only be enjoyed when the mind is at rest – and that often requires a commitment to sustainability, green initiatives and environmental awareness on the part of the hotel. These are six hotels across the world that prove it can be greener on the other side.

Europe: Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers

Considered one of the most environmentally friendly hotels in the world, the Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers in Denmark is completely powered by sustainable energy. From the 200,000 kWh of power provided by the integrated solar panels, to the biogas made from food waste, renewable energy is taken seriously. Further savings are made thanks to the intelligent light systems used throughout the corridors, which react to both sound and movement allowing the hotel to conserve energy while ensuring guests are never left in the dark.

Africa: Hotel Verde

Africa’s greenest hotel is 100% carbon neutral thanks to major investments and a number of low-cost green innovations – even the gym equipment generates power. Naturally, water usage is a major concern for the hotel, so everything is done to conserve it – bath and shower water is recycled to safely be used in toilet flushing for example. Meanwhile a green roof not only provides cooling for the building, but also a habitat for the local South African wildlife.

South America: Finch Bay

The Finch Bay Eco Hotel in Ecuador is a prime base for exploring the Galapagos Islands, and when it comes to the survival of the fittest it’s clear that thinking green is the way forward. While the beachfront hotel provides a tranquil getaway, sustainability is taken seriously, with high quality insulation to help keep rooms cool, a dedicated water treatment plant, and a policy of educating employees on environmental issues. Meanwhile the hotel takes full advantage of the natural environment by drying linen and towel outdoors instead of using energy intensive tumble driers.

 Australasia: Jean-Michel Couseau Resort

Sustainability is at the heart of this Fijian hotel, as it jointly manages a designated Marine Reserve coral reef. It should come as no surprise then that the menu is carefully crafted – reef fish and farmed prawns won’t come near your plate. Knowing that the hotel has an extensive recycling program and uses low voltage lighting are just a couple of ways you can enjoy a taste of luxury without the guilt of spoiling the environment.

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