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Trump Forest created to Offset Contribution to Climate Change

243,629 and counting–that’s the number of trees donors to Trump Forest have already pledged. This genius initiative asks people to donate to tree-planting charities to counteract the climate-change contributions the Trump administration is creating through rolling back legislation designed to prevent greenhouse gases.

The legislation, known as The Clean Power plan, would have prevented  650 million tons of carbon dioxide from reaching the atmosphere over the next 8 years.

Trump Forest is the brainchild of Dr Dan Price, Jeff Willis and  Adrien Taylor; the founder of sustainable cap company Offcut.

From the website:

“We don’t want your money.

We want you to pay for and plant trees anywhere in the world in the name of Donald Trump and send us the receipt so we can add your generous contribution to the global Trump Forest map.”

Backers can opt to donate directly to the Trump Forest organization so that they can plant trees or to a tree-planting charity in your area. Upload your receipt so that your trees can be added to the Trump Forest map.

In order to meet the goals of the Clean Power Plan, Trump Forest would need to cover 100,000 square kilometers (37,000 square miles), about the size of the U.S. state of Kentucky.

You can donate here or upload your receipt here.

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  1. Larissa

    Love this initiative! Every time things begin to feel a bit hopeless people who truly care about our planet illustrate how even the smallest actions make a difference.

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