Turning Grandma’s Garage into a Tiny House for $2,000

A & B Creative owner, Rebekah Carey and her husband Alex McNall wanted to move closer to her grandmother, but she wanted her own space. That’s when they decided to transform her grandma’s 1905 garage into a cozy tiny house for the couple and their three dogs. By using recycled and upcycled materials, Rebekah was able to transform the garage into a tiny home for just $2,000—here’s how they did it.

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At first glance, the 200-square-foot shed may seem like it’s seen better days, but it did have really good timber bones.

Sourcing recycled flooring and other building materials from Craigslist, the couple insulated the floors, walls and ceiling space to make it more comfortable.

“I love that everything in our home has a story, even if it’s just ‘I found this for free off of Craigslist!'” said Rebekah in a recent interview.

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A murphy bed provides a comfortable bedroom and storage space which folds up easily to make room for the couch when guests arrive.

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Dinner parties are also an option as Rebekah’s clever dining table folds out: “The coolest thing about this table is that it stows four folding wood chairs in the side! That way we can pull up the sides and put it in front of the couch to seat up to six,” she says.

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