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Why You Should Date a Vegan

Vegans are surrounded by mystery. I mean, what do they even eat? Vegans do get a bad rap most of the time, but there are many reasons why they make great partners. Here are just some of the reasons why dating a vegan is a great idea.

Vegans are kind

Vegans are the most compassionate and altruistic people on the planet. Sure, many of us love animals too, but we conveniently forget about that when we are thinking of that Thanksgiving turkey or a basket of wings on Friday night. Following a vegan diet is tough in a world of meat-eaters. Yet vegans go out of their way to eat foods that don’t impact the environment or our animal friends. If they treat animals so kindly, imagine how they will treat you!

Vegans are healthier

A meat-based diet isn’t only bad for the planet, it’s not great for your heart either. With a plant-based diet, vegans are more likely to get all the vitamins and minerals they need, which means healthier partners. Hopefully you’ll be inspired by your new partner’s healthier lifestyle.

Vegans are usually great cooks. With so much of our processed foods containing animals products, vegans have to cook their own meals with ingredients that aren’t conventional. That means great veggie dishes, amazing salads and even baked goods that rival anything you have to offer. If your partner is eating a plant-based diet, chances are you’ll be eating more vegetables and fruits too. In fact, vegan dating can become a whole new chapter in your life. Want to know why?

Dating a vegan will make you healthier

Dating a vegan comes with health perks!  Sharing your life with a partner who eats more fruits and vegetables will inevitably rub off on you. Instead of being in a food rut, you’ll get to enjoy new dishes and tastes that you haven’t tried before. You’ll also eat less junk food and fast food as you share meals with your partner.

Vegans have lots of energy

Fruits and vegetables are easy to digest so energy is more readily available to vegans. Healthier plant-based diets help to combat depression and elevate mood so they are sure to be happier too.

Vegans are not afraid of commitment

This one is pretty obvious. It’s not at all an easy task to give up meat and dairy and still go out, socialize, and be a part of the world. So next time you’re looking for a new relationship, consider someone who’s not into meat.

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