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What Teeth Whitening Treatment is the Best?

Whitening Toothpaste

Affordable: At an average cost of $5 a tube, this is by far the most affordable method of teeth whitening.

Easy to Use: Whitening toothpaste is by far the easiest method of teeth whitening. This method does not require any extra time out of your everyday routine. You simply switch out your toothpaste for a whitening version and use it for your daily teeth brushing.

No Sensitivity: Since toothpastes do not stay on the teeth for long, they rarely cause any sensitivity compared to other methods of teeth whitening.

Slow Results: Due to the small amount of time that the toothpaste remains on the teeth, results can take a long time before they are visible.

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White Strips

Affordable: At a small fraction of the average cost of a professional whitening treatment, white strips are one of the most affordable ways to maintain a white smile. A box of strips can range anywhere from $20 to $60. Compare that to upwards of $400 per treatment at a dental office.

Easy to Use: White strips are extremely self explanatory. The instructions are listed on the box and can be applied in under a minute. They are essentially stickers that whiten your teeth. Sounds fun to me! Like most teeth whitening methods, it is recommended to brush your pearly whites before application.

Sensitivity: White strips are known for causing sensitivity. They are an older technology that uses chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide, and other bleaching chemicals that cause sensitivity on teeth and gums.

Slow Results: A normal box of white strips comes with a pack of twenty applications. Unfortunately, it usually takes an entire box or two to see the results from all of those thirty minute sessions.

Glo Science

Affordable: Glo Science is affordable, right under the $200 mark. This is a great price for white teeth.

Semi-Easy to Use: Glo Science is relatively easy to use which is great. But, Glo Science uses small vials that hold the teeth whitening serum which can get lost, making it difficult to whiten your teeth.

Sensitivity: Glo Science does not provide a desensitizing serum which leaves people to deal with the results as they affect them. The sensitivity resulting from teeth whitening with Glo Science will vary from person to person.

Results: Short application times can mean slow results.

Hi Smile

Affordable: Hi Smile is one of the most affordable teeth whitening kits that uses a light. The light will help to activate the teeth whitening serum for quicker results.

Hard to Use: This teeth whitening method requires the user to put the whitening serum into the mouth piece before placing it on to the teeth. By having to do this, the teeth whitening serum will often get onto the gums and tongue rather than just the teeth.

Sensitivity: Placing the whitening serum into the mouthpiece leaves the serum to getting onto the gums as well as the teeth. When the serum gets onto the gum line, it usually causes sensitivity.

Results: The light activation will help to push results quickly but without a maximum strength serum it may not be noticeable as quick as you would like.

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Professional Whitening at the Dentist

Not Affordable: Professional whitening at a dentist’s office tends to be very expensive. With an average of $400 per treatment, depending on how many treatments are needed, this method of whitening can get very pricey.

Easy to Use: This method of whitening is super easy to use. Mainly because someone else is doing it for you. Only certified dentists and other oral doctors are allowed to perform this method of whitening on patients.

Occasional Sensitivity: Due to the fact that this method is being performed by a doctor, the sensitivity results will be vary from person to person. If your teeth are prone to sensitivity this method may cause it to flare.

Instant Results: One of the biggest benefits of a professional teeth whitening service is instant results. After a one hour treatment you will definitely be able to see whiter teeth.

Snow Teeth Whitening

Affordable: Snow teeth whitening is definitely the best bang for the buck. It is more expensive than white strips but a fraction of the price of professional whitening at a dentist’s office and has a five year warranty to make sure you love it.

Easy to Use: Snow teeth whitening is super easy to use. An instructions booklet is provided as well. You simply apply the whitening serum to your teeth and use the light to activate the serum to whiten. Best of all, it only takes ten minutes.

No Sensitivity: The best teeth whitening kits cause no sensitivity. Snow uses a pen like serum wand that you use to paint the serum onto your teeth so that no serum ends up on your gums. If you like to paint outside the lines, a desensitizing serum is provided just in case.

Fast Results: This teeth whitening system is also great for last minute pearly whites. They include a maximum strength whitening serum wand that is great if you need white teeth for the weekend.

We hope that this article highlighted some of the pros and cons of each teeth whitening method to help you find your perfect fit!



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