43 Awesome Upcyled DIY Project Ideas

Upcycling projects

This bed frame is made from old pallets. Build your own bed frame – its easier than you think!

Upcycled ideas

Upcycled teacup lights for your lady. Use a ceramic drill bit for the holes

DIY solar USB charger recycled Altoids can

DIY solar charger from an old Altoids can. Find the DIY guide here: http://greenmoxie.com/make-a-solar-charger-from-an-upcycled-altoids-can/

green living blog

Recycle your old dominoes to make this cool clock

Green living tips

Upcycled TV set turned aquarium – what’s not to like?

Upcycled tire swing

Recycled tire horse swings are cooler and more comfy.

Green living rake shelf

Use an old rake to make this upcycled wine glass holder for your bar.

Upcycled spoon lampshade

Old spoons make up this great upcycled lamp shade.

PVC pipe periscope instructions

Upcycled PVC pipe periscope – find the DIY here: http://greenmoxie.com/cool-diy-toys-you-can-make-with-your-kids/

Upcycled Solar-powered Deodorant Bike Light

Upcycled Solar-powered Deodorant Bike Light. Get he DIY here: http://greenmoxie.com/cool-diy-toys-you-can-make-with-your-kids/

Glow Bike

LED upcycled bike lights. Find the DIY instructions here

Green living: Do it Yourself Upcycled Suitcase Amp

DIY Upcycled Suitcase Amp. Get the DIY instructions here: http://greenmoxie.com/upcycled-suitcase-amp-build-it-yourself/

Green living: Green Graffiti

Green moss graffiti helps grow your vocabulary. Get the DIY instructions here: http://greenmoxie.com/gorgeous-green-graffiti/

Upcycled suitcase tables

Upcycled vintage suitcase tables… just add legs!

Upcycled PVC piping

Upcycled PVC piping – just cut and glue together for a sock and shoe storage, divider, window decor etc.

Upcycled movie reel wine rack

Upcycled movie reel wine rack.

Upcycled key chain

Upcycled key chain made from an old safety belt.

Upcycled books

Glue old books together and add a lick of paint for this awesome upcycled book bedside table idea.

Upcyced dresser kids

Give an old dresser a new lease on life with this cool paint job.

Upcycled old oil cans to create this light feature.

Upcycle old oil cans to create this light feature.

Upcycled old car parts make for a brilliant table.

Upcycled old car parts make for a brilliant table.

Birch branches and reclaimed barn wood make this shelf eco-friendly as hell.

Birch branches and reclaimed barn wood make this shelf eco-friendly as hell.

Bike Bar

Convert you boring bike into a party on wheels.

Eco-friendly lawn mower

Eco-friendly lawn mower makes every bunny happy.

Upcycle rotating bike rack

Upcycle rotating bike wheel makes an excellent pot rack.

Upcycled coat hangers

This upcycled coat hanger coat rack is genius.

Upucled chest of drawers

Upcycle an old dresser into a snazzy kitchen island.

Upcycled decanter light

Upcycled decanter light fixtures make a great chandellier

upcycling Bottle top floor

Use old beer bottle caps and a clear epoxy resin to tiles bathroom floors.

upcycled Truck bed

Your rusted old truck makes a great bed for a young car enthusiast.

Toolbox planter

Upcycled toolbox planter.

Upcycling idea

Don’t junk your old truck; turn it into an awesome upcycled desk instead.

Bike Rack

Make a custom bike rack with an old log and a saw.

Upcycled tricycle table

Recycle your childhood memories to create this awesome table.

Upcycled gum ball machine

Upcycle your old gumball machine into this awesome little aquarium.

Upcycled vintage suitcase bar

Upcycled vintage suitcase bar for booze on the go.

Book Shelf

Easy upcycled pallet bookshelf.

Upcycled floor tiles

Upcycle left over flooring tiles to make a backyard Scrabble game.

Bike bathroom recycle

Cool upcycled bike bathroom cabinet.

Bottle cahndelier

Recycled bottle chandelier.

Dino toothbrush holder

Upcycled dino toothbrush holder – just drill a couple of holes in an old toy.

Fence Marbles

Drill some holes in the fence and stick some marbles in for a cool stained glass look.

Upcycled Lego key holder

Upcycled Lego key holder.

recycled watering can

Upcycle old watering cans to make cool shower heads.

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