Roof Tents that Turn Your Car into a Campsite

Rooftop tents are a convenient, stress-free way to camp. They set up and take down in seconds and mean you don’t have to bring a ton of gear with you. Whether you are car camping, overlanding or out on an adventure, the ability to take your home with you means you get comfort in seconds without the hassle.

Camping above the ground means you are less likely to get wet in adverse weather, you’re safer from animals and insects and you have the best views. Here are a collection of our favorite rooftop tents.

The Nest

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Designer Sebastian Maluska, a student at univeristy ECAL has created The Nest–a beautiful pop up tent that is lightweight and practical. Made from aluminium and fabric, it turns your vehicle into a home in seconds.

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The compact design means it won’t add weight or drag to your car. The Nest is made from two simple aluminium frames covered in a lightweight waterproof sailing fabric. An automatic gas spring means you only have to pull a pin and your tent is ready to go.

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The Nest can sleep two comfortably. I spend a lot of time outside doing sport[s] like skiing and surfing,” said Maluska. “It is always nice to be the first on the mountain or the first in the water. Therefore I have to sleep right at the spot.”

Front Runner

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This is a brand from my native South Africa, so there may be some bias, but I assure you they are wonderful. Designed for the rigors of Africa, the Front Runner will withstand any challenge. Thanks to the low roof profile, they weigh less than 100 lbs so they don’t create drag or extra weight that will drive up fuel consumption. The tent is constructed from Oxford 400D tent fabric which is durable, breathable, mold resistant, and waterproof. The new quick-release latches mean you can have your tent up (and down) in minutes.

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Cascadia Vehicle Tent

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We love the CVT Mt. Rainier which has a massive sleeping area of 72 inches by 96. An added bonus here is the drop-down annex which is 8 feet square, so you have a bug-free living area or more sleeping room for the whole family.

The frame is made from lightweight aluminium with a 1000D PVC cover. The tent fabric is poly/cotton rip-stop canvas which is breathable, mold resistant, with UV protection and waterproof PU coating. A 3″ high-density foam mattress makes for a comfortable sleep.

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Go Fast Campers

This rooftop tent is also a camper! Combining the best features of both a rooftop tent and a camper, these versatile homes-away-from-home are the bees knees. A sleeping pod turns into a cabana space when you lower the sides. The fully-welded tent fabric is impervious to water, wind and noise so you’re perfectly comfy in your safe cocoon. The cool Trans-Form-A-Floor allows you to configure the interior for maximum living space, solo-travel bunk mode, or two-person double bed. A 3″ high-density foam mattress ensures you have sweet dreams!

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The lightweight frame is accompanied with composite roof and floor panels so it won’t weigh you down or hike up your fuel consumption. Because it fits over the truck, you don’t have to take it off every time you need to haul something in the back.

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