5 Green Gifts which take 5 Minutes to Make

It happens every year.  Someone buys you an unexpected gift and you are caught empty handed. Or perhaps you’ve just been so distracted by the mince pies and Christmas movies you completely forgot to actually buy any gifts! Have no fear, these very last minute green gifts ideas will not only make you look like the most thoughtful gift buyer ever; they all take no more than 5 minutes to make!

Cook up some sweet treats

Don’t worry, you really don’t need to be a master chef to create a delectable treat for a last minute gift. These simple dairy-free chocolate truffles by Jamie Oliver can be knocked up in no time – or how about these delicious Spiced Mandarin Chocolate seedy thins? DIY chocolates saved on plastic chocolate wrapping, and more importantly, you get the lick the bowl!

 5 minute luxury natural scrub

Pop down to your local health food shop and grab a bag of sea salt, some dried lavender or rose petals,  and your favourite essentials oils; and hey presto, you have yourself a luxury natural body scrub! You could experiment with adding almond oil or even orange juice to add a moisture kick, then simple fill an old jam jar and decorate festively! See how mine turned out here.

Donate to charity

Donating some money to their favourite charity is really quick and easy to do if you’re caught out present- less. No one can complain about a cute picture of a happy polar bear in their Christmas card with a note about the donation!

Recipe in a Jar

One of the easiest, cheapest – yet thoughtful – gifts you can give someone is their favourite recipe packaged up ready to go! Simply fill a large mason jar with dry ingredients – such as risotto rice, dried mushrooms, herbs and spices – for their very own posh ready meal! They also get a pretty cool jar to keep, which they could use to gift you a meal next time!

Give an experience or time

Gifts don’t always have to be a wrapped object. Why not offer to take someone out for dinner, or pamper day; or how about doing their laundry for the week?! The gift of time can be green and completely free, and you will both benefit from the fun times you can spend together.


Trudi is a green living geek from the craggy Cornish coast of England; with a passion for nature, yoga and vegan chocolate. Admitting her lazy nature and habit for procrastination, she founded A Lazy Girl Goes Green in search of the short cuts to a sustainable life; in a bid to live green without breaking her back (or bank!). She continues to share recipes, ideas and fact busting articles to help others live a lazy green lifestyle. When not trying to save the world from her sofa, Trudi seeks to find the ultimate profession of combining her three loves: food, travel and cats!

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