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About Trudi Holden

Trudi is a green living geek from the craggy Cornish coast of England; with a passion for nature, yoga and vegan chocolate. Admitting her lazy nature and habit for procrastination, she founded A Lazy Girl Goes Green in search of the short cuts to a sustainable life; in a bid to live green without breaking her back (or bank!). She continues to share recipes, ideas and fact busting articles to help others live a lazy green lifestyle. When not trying to save the world from her sofa, Trudi seeks to find the ultimate profession of combining her three loves: food, travel and cats!

A Lazy Guide to Buying Vegan-Friendly Shoes

Being completely oblivious to the latest fashion trends has its benefits. I spend very little money on clothes, happily avoid changing-room mirrors and I only have to upgrade my clothes and shoes when they are literally falling apart. Win win!

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What’s so Scary about a Hairy Mary?

Green living blogger

Guest blogger Trudi Holden from A Lazy Girl Goes Green explores the rather controversial topic of lady hair. Should you prune your shrubbery or let nature take its course? Trudi explores the pros and cons of letting your garden grow.

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5 Green Gifts which take 5 Minutes to Make

It happens every year. Someone buys you an unexpected gift and you are caught empty handed. Have no fear, these very last minute green gifts ideas will not only make you look like the most thoughtful gift buyer ever; they all take no more than 5 minutes to make!

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