Gift guide for campers

6 Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Types

Over the years, we’ve tested everything from tree tents to campfire cappuccino machines. There are a lot of gadgets and goodies out there, but sadly very few that cut the mustard. We don’t charge for our gear reviews and give away the gear we test, just so you know that this is not a sponsored post. When we really love something, we’ll buy it and add it to our own gear stash. Here are some of our favorite things to take camping …


mtnGLO Tent Lights from Big Agnes

I’ll admit that this one was a surprise. When I got this for testing I thought it was superfluous. I mean, we have headlamps and a flashlight, so why would we need these. But we can’t live without them now. They have a great warm color and allow us to function, read and find gear in the tent without blinding each other with a headlamp.

Oh shit kit

The Oh Sh!t Kit

Never, ever leave home without it. This is the perfect kit for all of life’s little boo boos, especially when you’re camping. Muscle salve will sooth those aching muscles from too much exertion. Headache roll on, lip balm, bug spray, antiseptic spray and salve will sort out minor scrapes with Mother Nature. The poison ivy salve is the only thing that has ever worked! CBD cream is also great to help recovery from inflammation or aching joints.

Helinox chair

Helinox Mini

I love this chair. Every time I take it camping, someone offers to buy it. Small, lightweight and super comfy, it’s on year three of some heavy duty action and its still going strong. This is a really top notch piece of gear.

Gift ideas for hikers

MSR Thru Hiker 70 Wing

A good tarp is worth its weight in gold. You can use it to keep the damp out, as a picnic blanket, as a shelter in inclement weather and to cover your gear when its raining. A good tarp should be part of everyone’s camping gear repertoire. I like this one because it’s more lightweight than conventional tarps, but is robust enough to withstand the rough treatment of camping.

gift ideas for campers

Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker

Granted, this is a bit of a luxury and won’t make the cut if we are going in a really long trip where space and weight are an issue, but this little baby makes camping far more fun. We bought this for a camping trip because no one should go without coffee… ever. We loved it so much that we actually use it in our home as our everyday coffee maker. It still comes on adventures with us though! We didn’t like the disposable filters, so we bought the metal one which means we don’t create more waste or have to keep ordering filters.

gift guide for campers

Katadyn Filters

We have two of these. The Hiker Pro filter is great for when you are on the move. It is a little difficult to pump water, especially in silty or dirty water. That’s why we use the Base Camp Pro 10 liter. The Hiker Pro has been everywhere with us – through Africa, South and North America and it’s still going strong.



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