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8 Surprisingly Super Ways to Reuse Coffee Grinds

Aside from making the world a happier place in the mornings and fueling the start to your day, coffee has many other uses too. Don’t dump your precious ground coffee when next you brew yourself a cup of java, here’s eight great environmentally friendly things you can do with them.

Bugs be gone

Got ants, slugs or snails? For a green living bug remedy, just sprinkle a few grounds around the areas you wish to keep bug free. While you may love the smell of your morning java, bugs do not dig caffeine and will stay away.

Furniture stain

It’s safe, environmentally friendly, organic and (unlike conventional stains) won’t off-gas noxious fumes into your home for years to come. Make a natural, organic wood stain with your old coffee grounds. Brew yourself some strong coffee (let it steep for 4 hours). Apply your coffee with a rag and use a second rag to wipe off excess moisture. Leave overnight to dry. Reapply two or three times depending on the color you want. This also works to hide scratches in dark furniture.

Cellulite cure

The caffeine in coffee grounds helps to breakdown cellulite. Rub the grounds on to your skin in a circular motion when you are in the shower. Grind of dry skin and get rid of cellulite for the  double whammy win with a DIY green sugar scrub: mix 1 cup course sugar with ½ cup coconut oil and add ½ cup coffee grinds. Rub onto the skin in a circular motion and rinse off for skin that’s as smooth as a baby’s bum.

Funky Fridge?

Just place a cup or mason jar of coffee grinds in your fridge to get rid of any bad smells in no time at all.

Clear off Kitties

Sprinkle some coffee grounds in areas where you don’t want cats to dig. Just a sprinkle will keep those pesky pussies at bay.

Shiny Locks

When you have washed and conditioned your hair, gently massage some coffee grounds through your locks for added shine and softness. Rinse and enjoy your new do.

Make Treasure Maps–Nyaaaaarrrr!

Put some coffee grounds and a little water in to a tray. Place sheets of paper in and leave them for one minute. Gently remove (so as not to tear) and then let them dry. The coffee stains the paper so that it looks old. Now create your own treasure map.

Grow blue hydrangeas

Digging some coffee grounds into the soil increases its acidity. This makes it possible for hydrangeas to absorb more aluminum (which you can add to improve color) and turns the flowers blue.

Create Art

Use coffee to make your very own coffee stain art. See the full post here.

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