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Here’s Why You Should Always Clean Up After Your Dog

We all know that owning a pet is a lot of fun and it brings joy and happiness to both you and your family. But a wise man once said that with great cuteness comes great responsibility. You need to clean up after your pet. From dog hair to poop, cleaning up after your pet is a priority. Pet droppings can cause a lot of trouble if not handled properly. The best advice is to get rid of dog poop by buying an indoor dog potty or by disposing of it in any nearby pet waste disposal station and here’s why;


Not scared yet? Ok, let’s talk about potential diseases easily carried over to animals or humans through feces, some of which are salmonella, Escherichia coli, roundworms, etc. Additionally, a dog can be a perfect host for corona virus or parvo virus.

All these viruses and diseases are to be taken seriously and pet owners should do their best to make sure their pets do not get in touch with infected feces.

There is a solution to this problem, what you can do is use an in-ground stool digester or build your own. These stool digesters function similarly to a regular septic mechanism which means that they break down the feces and then the residue is safely soaked into the ground.

Respect Public Spaces

This might seem like a boring chore, but cleaning your yard with a shovel or a specifically designed pet shovel will keep your backyard clean, sanitary and pristine. Cleaning up in public spaces is a great way to keep your community safe from disease and clean for others to use. This only takes minutes of your time, but the payoff is measureless.

Nesting of flies

The last thing you want is flies to lay eggs in the feces that are left in your backyard. Those same flies would then come into your house and basically do what flies usually do. There is also a potential danger of spreading various diseases, so this is just another reason you want feces gone.

Be Responsible

You are responsible for your pet all the time, especially when it leaves your home when you take it for a walk, or if it strays into your neighbor’s yard. Whether you are in a park, or walking down a street or even hiking through a forest, it is crucial to clean after your dog because no one else will or should have to do it . What you can do is have a plastic bag with you all the time to collect after your doggy “goes to the bathroom” and dispose of the waste in the nearby waste disposal station in the park or wherever you are and be sure to keep your neighborhood clean.

Other Dogs

Some dogs instinctively eat poop. You need to make sure you clean immediately after your dog is done so that other dogs won’t be tempted. If this is something your dog does, try to discourage this behavior as it makes them susceptible to  diseases and worms.


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    Thanks for explaining some reasons to clean up after your dog regularly. I’m glad you explained that this is a good way to keep the community safe and clean for others. It sounds like it could be good to take care of this as soon as possible, just so you don’t forget about it.

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