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Master Carpenter Builds Beautiful Tiny House

Images by Evergreen Tiny Homes and Custom Woodworking

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Vince Marzilli is a master woodworker based in Orono, Maine. He has been a carpenter since he was 15 so it won’t come as a surprise that, when he started building tiny houses, he created this bespoke work of art.

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Of course, the interior is all wood and this tiny home (called the Cumberland) is clad in cedar shingles.

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The tiny home has a warm, inviting interior with several shades of wood giving it a cozy feel. The Cumberland sits on a 15-foot long trailer and boasts a screened in porch. The large windows open up the kitchen and living areas to the outdoor views. They also let in a ton of light and even the sleeping loft is bright thanks to a skylight. There is space for a queen-size bed up there and some storage space.

Thinking of creating your own tiny house? We fully support your ingenuity. You can get tons of help at woodworkology.com.

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