Minion Tiny home

Minion Tiny House is as Adorable as you Think

Meet Bert, the tiny house inspired by the Minion movies that can grow bigger over time. Design firm Studio Precht joined forces with Baumbau, a tiny house builder, to create this incredibly fun treehouse  that will be available in the spring 2020. The periscope design allow you to see above the treeline so you get the best of the woods and a view.

Minion tiny house

The tiny house provides a cozy interior with a minimal footprint and off-grid capabilities like solar energy and water treatment facilities. The structure focuses on wood and fabric-lined interiors and mimics the shape of a tree. Parts of Bert are prefabricated in a factory which improves precision and only needs to be assembled onsite which reduces the impact on the forest.

Minion House3Bert spans four different floors and can be added onto to grow into a larger home as families grow. The smallest Bert structure starts at 120.000€ ($136,313 USD) and will be available in the spring.


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