What did we do with the Prius Today? Upcycling!

First impressions: The Toyota Prius V is so spacious!

The hatchback design and foldable seats of the Toyota Prius V hybrid mean tons of space for all our activities. According to Toyota, the Prius V has more space than 80% of SUVs. I loved the console in the middle which is the perfect ‘safe’ place to store all sorts of stuff. And with the Prius V seats folded down, there’s 67.3 cubic feet of space.

The Toyota Prius V backseats are really spacious too with lots of legroom, they can recline 45° and do a 60/40 split.

To test out the practicality of the Prius V hybrid we went shopping and decided that this was the perfect time to get the new desk I had been wanting for some time now. When it comes to new acquisitions, we at Greenmoxie HQ like to upcycle. Upcycling does take a little more effort, but its well worth it in the end. When you upcycle items, you really are practicing green living and there are a plethora of positives; no carbon footprint from manufacturing new items, most of the offgassing has already happened and this saves your indoor air quality and we usually get things from Goodwill which helps to support a worthy cause.

Goodwill is awesome! You can get anything from a wooden tennis racket to Bill Cosby’s sweater…

Wooden tennis racket

Bill Cosby's sweater

The Prius V back seats folded down, so we had more than enough space for the new desk. Watch this space for photos of the upcycled desk tomorrow!

Upcycled desk


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