Whatever you do… Don’t Click the Big Red Button

Oh… so you’re a rebel!

We like that about you.

I like eating sour gummies and drinking coffee all morning. I’m kind of a badass that way (just saying).

But since you like living on the edge, perhaps the new Toyota Prius V Hybrid  is not for you because this car is safe as houses.

If you have a bunch of kiddies, or you’re an underwear model, you probably want to keep safe while you’re driving. That’s where the Toyota Prius V really excels. Toyota’s hybrid de jour has seven (yes SEVEN) airbags. Even one for your knees!

The pre-collision lets you know when you’re about to have a fender bender and adds hydraulic brake pressure.

Only problem so far? ITS SO QUIET!!!

Toyota Prius V vs Bike, which is quieter?

What did we do with our Prius V today?

We raced personal trainer and Toronto writer Kate Palbom around the streets of Toronto. To test how quiet the Toyota Prius V is, we took it to a cemetery and tested it against the bike. The bike was louder! Watch the video here:





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