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Take a Pledge = Plant a Tree

green living tips

Tentree will be planting a tree for every person who pledges to give up plastic products for Earth month. Give up straws, plastic bags, plastic cutlery or styrofoam cups for one month and tentree will plant a tree for you!

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What did We do with the Prius Today?

Last year for our ‘Give it up for Earth Day Campaign’ we gave up our car. Now we're giving the Prius V a test drive to see if it suits our green living lifestyle. We've got the Prius for a whole week, so see what we get up to...

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Green Living: Take our Earth Day Challenge!

Earth Day is on April 23rd and this year we're challenging you to give something up or take something on for a year. If you still think you're too small to make a difference, then you've clearly never spent a night with a mosquito! You can help to save our planet by taking our Earth Day Challenge and let us know what you're giving up or taking on for Earth Day 2013.

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