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Companion Gardening Guide for Veggies

companion gardening

Companion planting has been around for hundreds of years. Companion planting pairs plants that offer benefits to their neighbours. Learning which plants to plant next to each other will help you regulate pests, reduce water consumption and produce healthier, more abundant veggies this summer.

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Why you Should Leave the Leaves this Fall

leave the leaves

The environmental impact of leaf blowers is awful and so is the carbon footprint of gathering up and transporting your yard waste to facilities to process. Instead of buying fertilizer this year for your garden, save your leaves and make your own!

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Top Garden Projects for this Winter

gardening for beginners

Winter isn’t typically the time when you think of getting out in the garden, but there’s a lot you can do now to get your outdoor space ready for the spring and summer months.

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Why Leaf Blowers are the ‘Devil’s Hairdryers’

green living

David Dudley coined the phrase “The Devil’s Hair Dryer” when referring to the ubiquitous leaf blower. Now cities like Santa Monica, Palo Alto and Newport Beach are issuing bans on leaf blowers in an effort to reduce noise and air pollution.

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