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10 Ways to Get Rid of Slugs Naturally

slug trap

Slugs are amazing creatures, and cute too, until they are decimating my lettuce. While I don’t want them around, I shy away from anything chemical that will kill beneficial insects or make my garden toxic, so here are some tips for getting rid of your unwanted slimy slugs naturally.

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Reduce Screen Time and Create a Family Garden

camping tips

The amount of time children spend in front of screens has tripled in the last four years, leading many families to make a conscious effort to get outside more. Creating a family garden is a great way to get your kids outside and involved in the natural environment

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Spring Guide to Super Soil

green living

All good gardeners know that soil is the secret to success. Understanding how to get the right balance will give you verdant veggies and beautiful blooms.

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How to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden

green living gardening tips

Butterflies are attracted naturally to beautiful gardens, but there are many ways you can encourage a greater number of these charming visitors to frequent your garden. Here’s what to plant to attract butterflies to your garden.

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