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8 Plants That Make for a Clean and Happy Office

Green living tips

Adding a bit of green to your office can make a world of difference. Not only do some plants help to purify the air within the office, but they can also improve employees’ mood and productivity. Plants can also act as sound barriers – so you may wish to surround your noisiest colleague’s desk with them!

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5 Plants That will Make your Office a Happier Place

best office plants

Money doesn't grow on trees? Actually, it does! Bringing plants into your office space improves your indoor air quality and helps to reduce the stress levels of workers. Happy workers are more productive and have fewer sick days, so get thee to the garden depot at once.

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10 Top Ways to Be Greener in the Office

You’re already making green living a priority in your own home, so why not do the same in your workplace? Green living at work is easy and can actually save your company money. Just a few simple changes in your everyday routine such as choosing reusable over disposable and conservation over immediate convenience will make a world of difference.

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