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8 DIY Upcycled Bird Houses

'Tis the season for feathered-friend romance and if you would like to attract birds to your garden, providing an 'air' B&B for your little tweeters is a grand start. When birds find a suitable nest, they will often return to it year after year. Here are some gorgeous DIY bird feeders you can make from upcycled materials which are cheap and great for Mother Earth.

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Sublime Red Dog Upcycled Cigar Guitars

The blues were born in the back streets on cigar box guitars crafted by the musicians who pioneered the art on the only materials they had available to them. A little-known fact since these iconic instruments have all but disappeared from popular music. Now one man stands against the Guitar Hero tide of technology to keep the lost art alive.

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43 Awesome Upcyled DIY Project Ideas

Upcycle and recycle your old junk to make cool new items your family will love. Amazing DIY upcycling ideas that rock because they are kind on mother nature and your wallet too!

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