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The Best Camping Chairs to Take on your Next Adventure

Camping isn’t necessarily meant to be the most comfortable experience in the world. Immersing yourself in nature and exploring the great outdoors comes with its limitations in terms of comfort, at times anyway. That’s exactly why a solid and comfortable camping chair can go a long way.

The main features most campers look for in a camping chair is stability, lightness and comfort. There’s no use in purchasing a chair if it feels weak and it’s hard to carry around. Likewise, if it’s uncomfortable nobody will want to sit in it either. It’s similar to camping boots perhaps, with waterproof hiking boots being a lifesaver for many modern day adventurers as having wet and essentially intolerable boots is never nice.

There’s an array of camping chairs to choose from. Some promise a lot but end up delivering very little, but if you can secure the right chair then it can make a huge difference when going on a camping trip. There’s certainly plenty of options out there. So, with that in mind, here’s a look at some of the best chairs to take on your next camping adventure.

Kelty low loveseat

Described as a “camping-friendly cuddle couch” by its makers Kelty, this low loveseat is the perfect camping chair for couples. Not only is it incredibly comfortable, sturdy and comes with a drinks holder, but it looks smart too. Much like gamers are playing games like heads or tails at, you won’t need to toss a coin to decide who gets to sit in this particular chair as a pair can fit quite comfortably in this two-seater. Weighing at 6.8kg, it isn’t the lightest chair around, though, but at least there’s two of you to rotate carrying it, right?

Robens observer

With a strong focus on comfort, the designers behind the Robens observer have created a camping chair that you’ll struggle to want to leave. It’s solid, comes with mid-height back enhancing support and two mesh panels, which help hugely in terms of its breathability. It isn’t the widest of chairs, though, but it’s still a great option for many campers. It’s easy to pack away and carry around too, weighing just 1,255g.

Uquip Woody camping chair

The Uquip Woody is an affordable and clever chair that comes with its very own swivel table ideal for book readers or even for having your lunch on. Weighing at around 5kg, it’s not too tricky to transport from one location to another and it comes with a smart-looking bag which makes transportation a lot easier. Made from powder-coated aluminum, the chair is durable too. It’s also a lot cheaper than many other camping chairs out there.

Nemo stargaze recliner luxury chair

The Nemo stargaze recliner luxury chair isn’t cheap, but you certainly get what you pay for. This chair is a hammock, rocking chair and swing all-in-one thanks to its auto-reclining mechanism which helps contribute towards what is a truly unique product. The chair only weighs 3.2kg, it’s solid, it comes with a headrest, a no-spill cup holder and stash pocket, plus it’s amazingly comfy too.

KingCamp heavy-duty camping chair

 Despite its hefty size and extra-strong guarantee, the KingCamp heavy-duty camping chair is much lighter than you’d expect, weighing just 5.4kg. That might sound fairly heavy compared to some camping chairs, but this particular creation comes with a cooler bag on the side, a drinks holder and, most importantly of all, it promises to last a long time.

Other chairs worth considering are Eagles Nest Outfitters lounger, Helinox savanna and Vango entwine.


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